Luxury Vinyl Flooring

November 4, 2015 Published by Leave your thoughts
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Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) have made a significant entry within the hard surface flooring industry over the past few years. At Twelve Oaks, we are fortunate to have an excellent supplier of these products.

Our supplier is new to the flooring industry and built a state-of-the-art plant in 2010. A family run and privately-owned operation, our manufacturer successfully services some of the most well-known companies in the industry. They use only virgin polymers to ensure consistency of the product throughout the manufacturing process; furthermore, precision milling equipment and diamond bits is combined with the patented Uniclic® locking system to produce accurate edges and floors that install flawlessly.

LVT and LVP floors are unaffected by moisture, but they are sensitive to temperature change. Our supplier maintains strict environmental controls within the plant, and during manufacturing,
our product is heat treated to reduce sensitivity to temperature changes in the installed floor. Our LVP & LVT floors are fibreglass reinforced to enhance hardness, strength and to maintain flatness. FloorScore is a program that independently tests flooring products to ensure they are in compliance with strict indoor air standards. We are proud to note that our supplier of Vinyl flooring, is FloorScore certified.

Consumers demand LVT and LVP floors that look great; subsequently, we provide pattern papers that are modern, detailed, accurate, and realistic. To achieve this, our supplier sources high definition overlay papers from one of the world’s leading manufacturers. This print facility maintains some of the best quality digital imaging technology in the world; our supply chain provides this quality to you.

Twelve Oaks™ carries nine patterns of 5mm wood-grain LVP and three LVT tiles. Early in 2015 these patterns will be reviewed and new patterns will be added. Twelve Oaks™ also supplies wood-grain LVP in 3 mm Dry Back format. Dry back is very popular in commercial applications and becoming more prevalent in residential projects. Dry back vinyl floors cost less than click products, and they are preferable when dealing with imperfect subfloors.

One important note – LVP and LVT floors, like any other floating system, must be allowed to expand and contract. Click-system LVP and LVT cannot be restrained from above by kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands, large heavy furniture such as pianos, gun safes, large wine cabinets, etc. Lastly, please make sure you follow the installation instructions and allow the proper expansion and contraction spacing around all vertical rises. Please don’t hesitate to speak to your Twelve Oaks™ representative further on this subject if you have any comments, questions or matters of discussion. We look forward to being your supplier in this growing and exciting product market today, tomorrow and the future to come.