LooseLay – new trend in Luxury Vinyl Flooring

November 4, 2015 Published by Leave your thoughts
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Twelve Oaks is excited to present to you our new LooseLay Collection – an innovative line of Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP).

Compared to other vinyl flooring products on the market today, LooseLay floors boast superior dimensional stability, unparalleled sound absorption, and a soft comfortable underfoot –thanks to our advanced acoustic cushioning layer. Our products are tested and proven to have minimal expansion, shrinkage, curl or crack; making them the ideal choices for commercial installation, as well as for residential floors.

LooseLay LVP can simply be laid on any flat surfaces, with only minimal adhesives required to secure the planks in place. Removal, replacement and maintenance are a breeze. This surely makes the LooseLay collection a great candidate for DIY projects. As with all of the Twelve Oaks vinyl collections, LooseLay floors are highly moisture-resistant, and can be installed over radiant heat. Be sure to always follow the Installation Instructions carefully.
Our LooseLay products are as beautiful as they are environmental-friendly, with 100% recyclable materials. Entirely made with virgin vinyl, LooseLay floors have extremely low level of V.O.C., are

FloorScore certified, and rated Super E0 on formaldehyde emission tests. We are confident that this floor will set the new luxury vinyl floor trend – so confident that we warrant a Lifetime Residential Limited Warranty, and a 15-Year Commercial Limited Warranty; conditions apply.

Did you know?
Each of Twelve Oaks’ LooseLay planks is coated with Nano-Silver and protected by Armor Care Technology.

Nano Silver: These charged ions help inhibit bacteria growth, making LooseLay the safe choice for kids, pets, schools and public facilities.

Armor Care Technology: Armor care layer makes cleaning and maintenance exceptionally easy. This innovative technology repels even the toughest mess and stains, make for a no-hassle cleanup every time.