Is this a Moisture related problem?

September 4, 2015 Published by Leave your thoughts
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Moisture and humidity are archenemies of flooring, especially hardwood flooring. To learn how to properly advise our end-users, we’ve asked Drew Kern, a NWFA certified flooring inspector to share his views on this matter.

Drew advised that many times after getting involved in a claim I hear that a dealer, installer or service rep has determined the cause to be moisture related without seeing the floor or visiting the homes. They then further advised the homeowner to either turn up or turn down the humidity. For example a homeowner will be told that the humidity is too low when it’s actually already at 45%. “My advice would be not to give this type of instructions until you have tested or know what the current humidity level is. I always say…Don’t prescribe a treatment before you diagnose!”

Flooring can be a significant investment. An once of prevent is worth more than the cure. At Twelve Oaks™, we always require that the Installation Instruction and Care/Maintenance Guide be read and carefully followed before any installation. Failure to do so may void your warranty. Product acclimation, subfloor preparation and ambient condition requirements are crucial to the success of the install, regardless of the flooring choice. You can find a copy of the installation, care and warranty manual in every box, or you can download a copy from our website.