All about Humidity

November 4, 2015 Published by Leave your thoughts
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Humidification is a popular buzz word, especially this time of the year when we are in the height of the home heating season. Keeping a home properly humidified is critical for many reason, but especially to keep your new floor, whether laminate, engineered solid or wood solid, protected from damage associated with excessively dry conditions. It is not uncommon today, without proper humidification, for homes and condos to become dryer then the Sahara desert (i.e. register below 15% on a hygrometer).

We have specified the proper temperature and relative humidity in our Installation Instruction and Warranty. Failure to maintain these humidity levels can void all warranty. More importantly, by not maintaining humidity, a homeowner risks permanent damage to the beautiful new floors they have invested in. Gapping, checking, cupping and shrinking are all problems associated with floors that have been allowed to become too dry. Not all these problems can be solved by re-introducing moisture.

I had some problems with low humidity in my own home and I recently had my heating and a/c service provider come in to do some modifications. They set the furnace fan to run on low at all times. Then they switched the water supply for the humidifier to a hot water supply source. This has made a tremendous difference for us to be able to achieve and maintain a proper humidity level in our house. Our floors are better off, and so are we. Here are some other advantages of keeping your home properly humidified that I have learned about.
• Proper humidification reduces discomfort, tiredness and sickness
• Proper humidification reduces susceptibility to colds
• Proper humidification reduces chapped lips, dry red eyes and itchy skin
• Proper humidification reduces damage to other wooden objects in your home, furniture, mouldings, and musical instruments
• Proper humidification reduces static electricity charges
• Proper humidification helps your baby to feel and sleep better
• Proper humidification helps professionals that use their voices for a living
• Dry air promotes the spread of the flu virus
• Dry air may promote the onset of allergies in children
• Dry air helps promote the passing of air borne germs and viruses, increasing one odds of getting colds etc.

Humidify your home in the winter heating season and to monitor the humidity levels in your home with a good quality and accurate hygrometer. For oh so many reasons, not the least is to protect your floors!